Jay Rayners review on Tuddenham Mill

“Chef Paul Foster has created a smart menu that puts his corner of Suffolk on the culinary map!”

The Observer, Sunday 5 June 2011

Click here to read Jay Rayners Restaurant review of Tuddenham Mill!


 Head Chef Paul Foster commented:

“I was blown away by the review from Jay Rayner; it was a compliment that he came to Tuddenham Mill let alone give such a great review. I was most pleased that he seemed to really get my style of cuisine. His comments on how it fitted the surroundings, and how I don’t use modern equipment as a toy or gimmick were very gratifying as my main focus with the food is purity of flavour and limited manipulation of ingredients.”


This is a fantastic review from such a well respected and critically acclaimed journalist and food critic, Alacer are proud of their ongoing relationship with Tuddenham Mill in providing a complete software solution.

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